Automating office processes saves time and therefore saves money!

It makes sense that saving time in the school office can lead to money saving when more tasks can be picked up. But just how do you do that?

Here’s some helpful tips from Strictly Education on how to automate processes that aid operations and empower staff to be more in control.

Smiling administrator talking with a woman standing at reception desk. Woman visiting municipal office for work and talking with the receptionist.

Minimise Duplicate Data Entry – can you enter data once and share across processes?
Reduce the time it takes to generate reports and contracts – choose packages that do this for you at the click of a button
Software integration – Do you use platforms that can “talk to” MIS, finance and budgeting tools?
Reduce Manual Data Analysis – Insights take time and effort. Dashboards can relay detailed information in an easily readable and useable format.

For more tips on time-saving and automation. Read this informative process automation article from Strictly Education, focus on HR and payroll – your school’s largest costs.