Higher Level Teaching Assistant status

By Strictly Education 4S

Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) is a nationally recognised status that can dramatically impact schools in a variety of ways. Those involved in governance in maintained schools and academies should be aware of the status and its far-reaching benefits to school communities.

HLTA status recognises the contribution and impact that teaching assistants (TA) can make to effective teaching and learning in schools. Those with HLTA status have met an agreed national standard and demonstrated their ability to work at a higher level than that expected of a TA, providing evidence of competence in delivery to whole classes without the presence of teacher.

Higher Level Teaching Assistant at work

HLTA status first and foremost can provide a career progression route for Teaching Assistants, who otherwise may not have any options to advance in their career within a school or trust.

Many schools have deployed those with HLTA status to supervise classes or groups of pupils covering Planning Preparation and Assessment (PPA) time. One of the clear advantages of this strategy, apart from it’s cost effectiveness, is that it enables schools to utilise their own staff, who are familiar to the pupils and who know the pupils well, rather than commission external providers, such as sports coaches to cover PPA. Commissioning Sports Coaches can compromise the school or trust’s use of its PE and Sport Premium, as the use of external providers makes it challenging to demonstrate how this is improving the school’s long term ability to deliver an effective physical education curriculum.

Those with HLTA often have specialist interests such as sport and art, but especially in secondary schools develop skills and have the experience to support high quality teaching in specialist subjects such as science and technology.

Covid-19 and the school closures that it has led to, has witnessed school budgets being further squeezed, with lost lettings other revenue streams, which for many could continue throughout the term. A modest investment enabling those among your existing teaching assistants to acquire HLTA status could be advantageous to your school/trust on all of these levels. For more information please contact: hlta@strictlyeducation4s.co.uk